Lisa Shouldice MA, RP, CCP, Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple & Family Counselling / Psychotherapy

Family Therapy

            Family counselling with me uses a Family Systems and circle approach.  This means we will discuss family dynamics and each family member’s role in it, what need this meets and how to relate in a healthier way.  I also use a circle approach to ensure all family members have a voice and can share in a safe, caring space that we will create together. 

            When I work with couples and families I meet with everyone together and then meet with each member of the couple or family alone (children might be an exception depending on age and developmental level).  I do not do this to be secretive or keep secrets.  It is to collect personal information that may impact relationship and explore feelings in a safe way.  We then all meet together again, following a full assessment to meet your common goals.