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Personality Disorders

               Our team has experience working with trauma and clients that have been diagnosed throughout their lives with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and other personality disorders. We enjoy this work and feel we bring skills and experience that can support you in a healthy life. There are several ways to accomplish this together.

Bipolar Disorder: In my experience this seems to be a largely biochemical disorder and medication needed as a part of a treatment plan. However, I am able to help you manage stress, thereby likely decreasing the possibility of relapse. I can also support you in having a healthy lifestyle with healthy relationships. We can create a care plan together so you know how to recognize and respond to possible relapse.

Borderline Personality Disorder: In my experience this is an attachment disorder. I have found that the people who present saying they have BPD, feel they do not have the closeness and intimacy they crave. They feel people connect with them quickly and deeply, but then things spiral quickly into toxic, unhealthy dynamics, leaving them feeling abandoned and really hurt when things do not work out. I feel I am able to offer a safe, consistent environment for you to take the risk to try new things and learn new ways to relate, thereby getting the relationships you want. I am able to offer long-term dynamic, interpersonal therapy to help you meet your goals. 

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