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10 Questions to Test Your Relationship!

Is your relationship healthy? Do you need to work on intimacy with your partner? Take the test! 10 questions to help you figure out if you need to re-focus your energy on your relationship.

1. Do you trust your partner?

Huge question! Do not just consider sexual fidelity but whether you would trust them to do an important errand or plan an important event without your guidance or intervention.

2. Do you enjoy your partner’s company?

3. Do you laugh together and have inside jokes?

This is one of the best predictors of marital/couple bliss! It is a great ways to end conflicts as well.

4. Do you know your partner’s recent/current stressors?

5. Is your partner an advocate for you? Another way to say this is Do you feel they believe in you?

6. Do you fight about finances?

This is one of the number one reasons couples fight and it can erode your relationship. Make a plan and stick to it.

7. Do you keep secrets from you your partner? Why?

8. Have you seen each other at your best & at your worst?

Huge test of whether you relationship has hit and maintained real intimacy!

9. Do you talk about the future? Make new plans?

10. Do you communicate non-verbally?

Really reflect on this one. Most of human communication is non-verbal. What is the evolving nature of the non-verbals between you and your partner?

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