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Are you Grieving?

Updated: May 1

Grief is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. Losing someone is not easy to process, even if we know death is imminent. Grief isn't just about losing a loved one. It can be a job loss, a relationship, an injury or even an illness. Grief leaves us not only empty but also questioning many things. It’s a process with stages that doesn’t have timelines. The next step may hit without warning and you may stay in a grief state longer than others. In no particular order: #Denial #Anger #Bargaining #Acceptance. Acceptance is a hard for me to swallow. Maybe because I haven’t fully accepted my loss yet. I think I have. I think I should have by now. It has been 3yrs and he had a full, full happy life. Spreading love and joy everywhere he went. He did experience many things and made many happy memories. I miss him terribly every day. But as we know, the grieving process has NO timelines for any one. It hits us and stays with us until it’s ready and maybe being sad and missing the loss just becomes a part of us. I know I wouldn’t have changed a thing because, I’m grateful for the time we had together and the memories give me so much joy. I admit it feels a little strange to feel a broken heart when it is also so full of comfort and love. I guess that’s why they call them memories. Talking about grief also gets easier. I actually enjoy sharing my stories and memories of him with people today.

Seeking a therapist to hold that safe space to sit in your feelings and really feel them may help find our inner peace of being.

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