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Can AI replace Psychotherapy?

The type of therapy I do is attachment based. One of the possible goals of therapy with me is to change your attachment from anxious/avoidant to healthy so you get the intimacy you need/crave. Attachment is actually, in part, a physiological experience. It is first created with you primary caregiver. This can be healthy, but we will attach to survive, regardless. So if you have an abusive parent, you will find a way to attach to them so you survive, learn what to expect, what they do provide, what they don't. This includes learning to read their emotions etc. As we grow up , using an unhealthy attachment can be a problem if we want a healthy relationship and want it to last. The physiology of attachment is so powerful you and your partner's heart learn to beat in unison when you sleep. You will calm down when seeing them at the end of a hard day. So if intimacy is not working out, you may decide to try the type of therapy I specialize in, attachment oriented, using emotion-focused techniques. I am skilled in getting you to connect with me and feel comfortable. We use this attachment in our therapeutic relationship to shape healthier scripts and experiences, rewiring your brain for healthier connection. This is a physiological, brain restructuring that takes time. It is also really worthwhile so you learn to be completely different in relationship.

AI cannot replace this human connection that is physiological and use it to help you. It can teach skills and help you find solutions, yes. Make sense? Even if you feel attached to an AI Bot that helps you in your life, it is still a feeling created by you brain from your attachment experiences and associations. It cannot create those first attachments as it does not have the physiology.

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