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"Effective Communication: How to Discuss Your Relationship Goals and Concerns Through Couple Exercise"


1. What is your partner's Love Language? How do they express love to you? How do they want to receive love from you?


2. What is your conflict pattern? Do you both yell when distressed? Does one partner yell, the other shut down? Do you both avoid conflict to keep the peace, never addressing things?


3. What fights do you have that seem solvable and have gotten resolved recently? Which seem unsolvable and keep cycling back into your lives? These are likely connected to past wounds.


4. What is your partner's Attachment Style? Do you find after a lot of intimacy you get uncomfortable and need space? Do you get anxious after a fight and quickly want to re-bond? Do you think about your relationship often?


5. How do does your partner reach out for connection? What are the Bids for Connection in your relationship? Sex? Watching a fav TV show? You may get agitated and fight if the bids do not work.


How to work through conflict when triggered coming soon!

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