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Feelings and Grounding

The best way to deal with difficult feeling is to “sit” with them for awhile. Not to get stuck and stay there for too long, but to learn how to feel it, listen for the wisdom, receive the teaching and let it go. All feelings are a part of who we are for a reason. Learn to use feelings as a tool to support your life and you will love them, even the tough ones.

Use to ground when dissociating from difficult feelings.

Place both of your feet flat on the floor and square or uncross you body.

Using tactile sensation choose something to focus on and redirect your energy. If you are on a bus or subway, simply use something on you, maybe the jeans you are wearing. Run you hands over it asking yourself questions about how it feels. Become mindful of the feeling under your finger tips. This will externalize your thoughts.

You can also use something visual if you are in public and do not want to draw attention to yourself. Some people find visual cues helpful. Choose something remarkable around you. Ex. Brightly coloured. Again, focus your energy on it and ask yourself questions. Describe it in as much detail as you can, pretending you are describing it to a person that has no idea what it is. Colour, shape, tactile cues, energy, anything at all that comes to you.

This is a redirecting of energy to ground your body when either feeling intensely or feeling numb due to intense feelings.

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