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How I Feel About Being a Psychotherapist

Today I will practice what I preach and send gratitude out to the universe!

I am so lucky to be a therapist. I knew I wanted to be a therapist from the age of about 12. I was reading a book called “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”, by Joanne Greenberg (1964) when my calling was revealed to me. This is a semi-autobiographical novel about a young (teenage) woman that spends four years in a mental institution. Her struggle and hard work is guided by a brilliant Psychiatrist. It was not an easy struggle. It was also not a medication-based intervention. I remember knowing that I wanted to work with people who struggle with mental health issues. I want to stand beside and support people while they look for the source(s) of their issues and challenge themselves to find healthy ways to live every day.

I feel honoured to be a Psychotherapist that works on-on-one, with couples and families to support them is finding health together and be a witness as they transform and find their way to love. I feel gratitude for being a part of the transformative energy in the universe that we all possess and can tap into.

I have a passion for human stories and am awe-struck by the ongoing strength it takes to battle mental health issues. I am humbled by you and feel so lucky to have this calling. I feel spiritually fed and revitalized by this journey and pleased my clients are a part of it.

Thank you!!

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