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Movie Inside Out and Emotional Intelligence

I went to the opening night of the Disney-Pixar Movie Inside Out, last night. What a fabulous production! It was laugh out loud funny, exciting and made you laugh and cry. But what struck me was the teachings on emotional intelligence. The major points in the movie includes learning to accept all of our different feelings, including the ones we struggle with. They keep us safe and help us process loss as well as protect ourselves. But what I loved the most was the subtle nuances of the movie and it seems obvious that someone had done their research!. The "Train of Thought" being derailed the more sad and depressed the main character, Riley gets was duly noted. We know as mental health professionals that it is harder to think and make decisions when we are depressed and anxious. The letting go of old memories we no longer need and the important and integrated role of each different feeling creating Riley's perosnality was an amazinjg ride. I also thought it was poignant that Joy was the leader and predominant feeling and needed to learn to appreciate Sadness. Each feeling characrer is absolutely adorable and loveable in a completely different way. What a great movie to address emotional intelligance and self acceptance. I also believe that mental health awareness is improving exponenitally and becoming less of a taboo sublect. A great way to help this along. BRAVO!!!!

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