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Spirituality in Trauma Healing

I consistently have seen clients report choosing me as my education included a spiritual component and I identify as a spiritual person. I feel it is the only way I can be a trauma therapist. My Masters thesis also defined spirituality and identified the importance of using spirituality in coping in our stressful lives. So many people that have experienced trauma feel spirituality needs to be part of their healing journey, and I am able to facilitate that for them.


One of the most common core spiritual beliefs clients bring to me after experiencing family abuse in their childhoods, is that "God must have wanted them to learn something/wanted to teach them something and so exposed them to the traumatic event" This bothers me to my core. I genuinely do not believe any God/Creator sets children up to be sexually abused to learn something. That is too awful. It is a commonly held maladaptive belief that can hurt us and, therefore, needs to be reshaped. I feel the miracle of Spirit/God is that strength and resiliency can come out of trauma. This is not the same thing. Unfortunately, people do bad things and hurt each other. The beauty is that we can heal, and from the pile of shit that is a traumatic experience, we can grow a perfect, stunning red flower. That is the miracle of us. That greater wisdom and deeper connection, self-growth can come from trauma. I hope you decide to try this incredible process that is my passion.



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