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               I have had the gift of working extensively with Aboriginal people throughout my career. This includes First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. I have found it is about being together in a different way, not just having the academic knowledge (although that’s great!) but rather an openness to Spirit that makes your culture(s) simply stunning.

               I am able to create a healing journey that is unique for you and your cultural history. I have worked with Traditional Teachers, Elders and Aboriginal mental health practitioners to learn/have relevant experiences and issues specific to you. This includes intergenerational trauma, lateral violence, the impact of residential schools and many others. As a Clinical Therapist working at an Aboriginal community health centre I learned to use drumming, smudging, power/spirit animals etc. to make therapy powerful and relevant to your life. I love this work as I find Native/Inuit people are committed to healing and make it a part of their daily lives.

              I have also facilitated Circles and worked with Elders and Traditional Teachers to be only a part of the healing process. I know Sweats, Cedar baths and other traditional ceremonies may be important to you feeling connected to your culture and keep you on your good path. When working with Aboriginal clients, this has included working with an Elder that offers Cedar Baths and related teachings to facilitate healing through ceremony. I attended the teachings and was present during the ceremony to support my clients through this process. I have also attended Sweats to both support clients, as well as heal my own spirit when needed.

            Working within the Aboriginal community has led me to strongly believe in the power of community and family healing. I have been a part of community healing circles and feel it is important for a family and community to heal intergenerational trauma and related issues together. I have supported clients that have a relationship with the Children’s Aid Society in order to ensure culturally appropriate interventions.

             I am an NIHB/FNIHB approved Psychotherapist. Our team is also experienced working with Aboriginal communities and are NIHB-FNIHB approved. This means that if you have a status card/number you may be eligible for some of your sessions to be covered through the non-insured health benefits government program. You would not have to pay directly for sessions.

           Working with the Aboriginal community transformed my life. It opened up my spirit to see the incredible healing power of community, family and culture. I would love to sit with you and be a part of your journey.

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