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Therapy Services

Creating a safe for building trust, support for you to process your trauma is our number one goal for therapy

Emotion and solution-focused techniques are used to help you meet your goals. This means we will talk about feelings and explore them in order to help you experience, identify and regulate emotions, to better guide you in your relationships and decision-making. Using you resiliency and self awareness, we gently open towards de-escalating, processing and healing. Advice and expertise on healthy relationships, boundaries, assertiveness and other issues you may be struggling with can be provided as well. We can figure out what your personal triggers are and how they impact your life, so you can move forward in a good way and feel at peace. We will explore your concerns together in a safe, open dialogue in which you feel cared for. We may practice self-regulating, and transition to a more secure bond with yourself and in close relationships. This includes an emotional exploration, visualizations, Art Therapy, Gestalt, Sandtray and other creative/therapeutic techniques in sessions when deemed appropriate. Occasionally thought records and other exercises from the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy approach can be integrated. 


People choose to work with Lisa because I am a loving, caring and honest person that loves my job, and feel honoured to hold and create space for you. Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. I have a passion for personal relationships and I will be there every step of the way. It is important to me that you get high quality service and feel in control of your healing and therapeutic sessions. I am open to anything you need to say and we will chat along the way to make sure your goals are being met.

Clients choose to work with Desiree as she brings vast and varied experience and loves private practice as it allows her to offer her knowledge while connecting with people using a variety of therapeutic modalities at a pace that is unique to each person.  She finds therapy will at times involve a willingness to be vulnerable and explore emotions and thoughts that are constricted, unprocessed and hidden from your awareness and that of others. She will support you in self-regulation, helping you transition into a more secure bond with yourself and others. 

Clients choose to work with Hillary as she uses different evidence-based therapeutic approaches in her work in a caring, supportive environment where you are safe to unload and be vulnerable. She will take responsibility to help make life more manageable, meaningful and fulfilling. She will work with you to clarify your values and navigate areas of conflict or tension in your life, cope with intense emotions. She will help you increase self-compassion and awareness.

Clients choose to work with Amanda as she an educated, quirky, creative, neurodivergent person who is here to listen.  She creates a non-judgmental place to land to support you in finding healthy resolutions. She has experience and passion in working with addictions and related mental health concerns (she is a certified Canadian Addictions Counsellor).  Her BSW and MSW had an Indigenous focus. She has worked in mental health for 15 years.  Amanda is easy to talk to and offers interactive talk. 

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