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Online Therapy

Do you have a busy schedule with travel, long commutes and time stuck in traffic?


Do you have mental &/or physical health reasons that make it difficult to leave the house at times?


Do you live in a remote area where it is hard to get emotional support?


Try Online therapy through Video or telecounselling.  

Online counselling can be effective and helpful for so many schedules, personal concerns, allowing flexibility for so many. Online therapy has been shown to be highly effective and reach people who may not otherwise be able to get help. This includes if you experience anxiety or depressive symptoms that make it hard to face the world sometimes. Or if that "one more thing on your plate" feels insurmountable. It also means you can choose the therapist you want to work with that has certain specialties or works within specific populations that are important to you, rather than simply choosing the one close to you. You may live in a remote area, so long travel times to get help might be a concern. You may want to ensure you do not know the local mental health workers in your town. If any of this sounds familiar, online counselling may be for you. Do not let a lot of work travel stop you from getting the help you need. Video conferencing systems and telecounselling are real, viable options. Please reach out.

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