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Emotion Focused Therapy EFT

               The theoretical basis which is used to assess and conceptualize as a Psychotherapist is Attachment Theory. This means  your primary attachments with your parent(s)/caregivers and siblings in your childhood taught you how to relate and be in relationship. This is great if you have a healthy family, but can be problematic if you feel your experience in past relationships has been unhealthy or not ideal in some way. The result can be relationship patterns in your life that you feel are not as satisfying as you would like &/or you do not have the intimacy/closeness you need. This attachment history can be healed and you can learn how to relate in a new and different way in your adult life that works better for you, your partner(s), friends and family.

                Emotion-focused techniques is used in therapy sessions as it is an evidence-based, effective treatment for feelings of depression and anxiety as well as with couples and relationships. These techniques help clients who struggle with affective and personality disorders as well as trauma. Emotion-focused sessions include discussing feelings in a complete way or emotion-coaching, helping you transform and make meaning in new ways. We live in a society that better teaches us to think and behave in certain ways, but our ability to feel deeply, use those feelings to guide and heal our lives, is not as readily taught. So as we navigate our lives, we sometimes feel we lack the skills to sit with intense feelings and this can result in numbing, drinking, overeating our feelings to stuff them down. Over time this tends to create a life that we experience as empty and hollow, devoid of joy and possibly even experience feelings we call anxiety and depression. Our sessions will take you through the process of sitting with feelings, letting them inform you so you can be at peace and use them in life and relationships to guide you to fulfillment. This can include bodywork, visualizations, open-ended questions and the observation of patterns and tendencies.

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