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Solution Focused Therapy SFT

               The team uses solution-focused techniques to explore your strengths and applying co-created solutions to your life and relationships. This allows us to discuss healthy communication, family dynamics and related skills in a unique way, tailored to you and the people you interact with. An example could be learning to be assertive of your needs in your relationship with your partner. We will talk about basic skills, how to apply them and try different ways until you feel your goals are met. This results in an interactive therapy process in which you can trust your therapist to offer expertise and teach you new skills.

                An Example: When a client presents with a long-term pervasive experience of feeling anxious, a part of our work together is talking about the management of symptoms. There are many techniques that can be used to support the management of these feelings. We feel it is best to offer many of these and most people find there are a few tools that work best for them and become their “go-tos”. Examples include exercise, mindfulness, gratitude journals…but a favourite that is often the most effective is Meditation. When stressed, the Sympathetic Nervous System becomes activated, releasing stress hormones/chemicals resulting in increased feelings of anxiety. Through deep breathing we can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System which begins to breakdown stress chemicals and increase relaxation. Through regular meditation the threshold for anxiety/stress can actually be changed, so it takes more stressful events to result in feelings of anxiety. But for this to happen, meditation must be a regular, daily exercise.

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