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Why Do I Want Therapy?

Therapy is very unique treatment, offering something that cannot be found elsewhere. It is not at all like talking to a friend, although this is so important as well. The foundation to the therapy I offer is Attachment/relational. This means the creation of a therapeutic relationship or attachment that we use to heal and alter your attachment style (ex: insecure) while we process trauma(s) and explore solutions to the repeated, problematic pieces identified in your life. Another way to see this is that there are two parts to therapy: the manifest and latent parts. The manifest to talking about your identified goals with your therapist. The latent is the inherent relationship you have in which you feel safe and care for in a non-judgmental environment. When you have this experience, your attachment insecurities come to the surface and you have the opportunity to discuss this with me. The uniqueness is that we have created a relationship that is outside your real life, a non-threatening way to try new things and communicate in new ways, with little impact on the relationships that people your life. I am consistent and client-focused, so I will have a healthy response to anything you bring up. This may be new for you, rarely experienced in your life. This is where the deepest healing can happen. This is why therapy is different than talking to a friend. You may actually find it helpful to talk less to others while in therapy to ensure a new experience and make sure the energy goes into therapy sessions, or not feel "watered down". Especially if you often talk to several people when stressed and still don't feel better or better know what to do after you do so.

Please reach out to us. Get Inspired to Change You Life.

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